2 Hours Highway

Price- $150

Rating 5.00

The most intimidating type of driving is Highway driving.  Whether it’s the speed of travel, the trucks on the road, merging or changing lanes, we can assist you in becoming a better highway driver and overcome and fears you may have.

We are the only driving school in New Jersey that will schedule a 2-hour highway experience approximately 80-100 miles.  We will drive the major highways in your area to give you a good cross-section of the different typed of highways in your area.

This assumes you are an experience local driver who wants to expand their capabilities outward towards traveling further distance faster. Driving on the highways in this area is a necessity, we want the student to be as prepared as they can be for what can be a very intimating experience at first. The majority of the students say after this lesson that their experience was not as bad as they envisioned it would be. In fact many prefer it over local driving