Adult Driving Lessons (17+)

Price- $170

Rating 5.00

This Category covers several types of students:

  • Over 17 with a validated NJ learner permit who are over 17 years of age
  • Over 17 with a validated NJ learner permit who are over 17 years of age, who have limited driving experience and need to prepare for the driving test
  • Over 17 you have a valid license in New Jersey but have not driven in a while or steadily and need your confidence reinforce so that you can drive with confidence.
  • New to New Jersey, you have a valid NJ license but want to learn how to drive in the area and improve your driving skills
  • You have a valid international driver license plus a valid license from your country of origin (Must have both) and have been in the United States for less than 1 year


Never been behind the wheel? We’ll start from ground zero and go at your pace till you become the best confident driver you can be…. Already driving with limited experience? Show us what you can do. We will help you become a confident safe driver. Whether you are a nervous beginner or an experienced driver we will tailor a program for your needs.. Everyone learns differently  NJ Road Rules Driving School has been the Number One Choice for adults who want to learn to drive. Our highly trained instructors are extremely patient and understanding providing special attention to nervous students.



Before the student can take lessons, they must have a valid learner permit and pass the NJ Written Drivers Exam or have a valid driver’s license. NJ Driver manuals are available at the NJMVC locations free of charge, so you can study before you take the test. The online test is administered in several NJMVC locations (Lodi & Wayne) After passing the test your Learner’s permit will be validated and a road test location or and time will be assigned.

The test consists of 50 computer-generated multiple-choice questions of which you must get 40 questions correct (80%). The test is given in several different languages. Because the test is computer driven you will know right away if you passed If you fail you can retake the test every 7 days.



With the valid Learners permit or license the student can receive as many hours as they need. The state recommends 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction. The training is performed in a a certified driving instructor car which includes a dual brake system. We offer a certificate after successfully completing 6 full hours of instruction free of charge which when presented to your insurance company could reduce your insurance bill significantly