Road Test with Brush up

For those who have been trained by NJ ROAD RULES DRIVING SCHOOL in the methods of Parallel Parking and road test methods, this service is a review of that process and get you ready for all the other factors to consider before you take the test in our NJMVC approved Road Test Car. This service instills the confidence to the student to prepare them for the Road Test

To take the Road Test you will need an original permit, original valid US passport or Birth Certificate, Green Card and passport of Origin. The NJMVC will not allow you to take a road test without these important original documents.

The decision to take the test with NJ ROAD RULES or not is a personal one. It makes sense to rent the car from NJ ROAD RULES to take the test. After you pass you must have 6 points of ID plus proof of address, only 4 pts need to take the Road Test. Please refer to the Drivers Manual for more information Why you might not use your personal car for the Road If the vehicles do not have a physical emergency parking brake in-between the front seats the NJMVC Examiner must be able to completely stop the car at a moment’s notice. Push button emergency parking brakes are also unacceptable. Any other location in the car of the emergency parking brake is unacceptable for the Road Test. The Parallel parking space is approximately 25 feet long if the ytuor vehicle is over 16 ft it will be difficult to park. Our cars have an exceptional turning radius and fit very nicely with lots of room to spare in the parking space.
Our cars use back up cameras which assist in the parallel parking process. This is a big advantage for the most difficult part of the Road Test.
There a comfortability and confidence factor which can help the student while taking a the test in the car they were trained in. This can significantly help the student in a stressful situation.

Road Test with Brush up 4 Locations
(Other training facilities will require a premium)

Lodi Test Facility $150.00

Rahway Test Facility $200.00

Wayne Test Facility $200.00

Randolf Test Facility $250.00