Two Hours Get Ready with Brush-Up Day of the Test

The time has come. You know you will have the test in a short time. What do you need for more practice and to do well in the test? Are you confident in your abilities? Confidence is the secret sauce. What are the three things that will increase your odds of success during the day of the test– Practice, Practice, and Practice? This is an opportunity to do just that and we top it off with a Brush -Up the day of your test. You will use the same -

vehicle you used for your previous lesson with NJ Road Rules and have the advantage of our equipment like the back-Up camera, a physical emergency parking brake in-between the front seats and knowing where all equipment is located and this will help you to keep your confidence and focus throughout the test

Two Hours Get Ready with Brush-Up Day of the Test
(Other training facilities will require a premium)

Lodi Test facilities - $280

Rahway Test Facility - $330

Wayne Test Facility - $330

Randolf Test Facility - $380